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TGI Fridays, the leading American casual-dining chain, can be found in no less than 60 countries around the world and right here at Nicosia Mall! 

Fridays® rich and complete menu, includes an exceptional choice of enticing starters, succulent steaks, juicy burgers, fabulous fajitas, mouth-watering fresh salads, numerous seafood options and of course delicious desserts. 

TGI Fridays service is unparalleled.  Spirits are high, and the Fridays team knows how to make their work fun – and your visit enjoyable! The team’s aim is clear: to make your every visit to Fridays® a memorable one.

In short, Fridays® is not just a restaurant… it’s a place where people can join or make friends, have fun and be guaranteed great times together! A place where every day feels like a Friday. That’s why we say: IN HERE, IT’S ALWAYS FRIDAY®

12:00 – 23:00
First Floor
TGI front
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