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Something fresh and glamorous is coming to Nicosia! For the first time the ramazotticollections will be available in the capital! The ramazotti journey started in the city centre of Limassol in the 1990s and has since expanded to MY MALL LIMASSOL and the KINGS AVENUE MALL in Paphos. Our next stop is the Nicosia Mall in Lakatamia. 

ramazotti collection of bags, shoes and accessories offer a hip yet luxurious view of Italian fashion through brands such as O bag, roccobarocco, VALENTINO, and Le Pandorine. The brands hosted by ramazotti meet the needs of a broad range of customers with its lines of fashionable and great value accessories. 

ramazotti brands aim to cater all ages and tastes. We therefore are continuously searching and refreshing our designers and brands so that we always offer glamorous yet extremely accessible fashion accessories. 

9:30 - 20:00
First Floor
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