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Since its establishment in 1913, Leonidas offers to its customers chocolates of high quality andincomparable taste. What is the secret? The chocolates are made with respect to the purest traditional prescription: 100% pure cacao butter, 100% taste, 100% quality and 100% freshness.

100% cacao butter: With respect to the tradition all the Leonidas products are made by using 100% cacao butter although the European directive allows the use of vegetable oils instead of cacao butter.

100% taste: Carefully selected, top quality raw materials plus fresh butter and milk cream give delicacy to the taste and combine harmoniously the flavors.

100% freshness:  The products are stored under ideal conditions: 15°C - 18°C and low humidityand our recommendation to the customers is to consume the chocolates within 8 days from the date of the purchase so they will enjoy the freshness of the product.

100% quality: Having as a target the satisfaction of the consumers Leonidas was the first Belgian company in its sector that in 1998 secured for its products the HACCP certification.

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