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Our journey began in 1978 in Paris when a costume designer decided to open a children’s clothing store. Through his artist’s eyes, he saw the world of children’s clothing as dull and boring. He grabbed his pencils and designed, letting his imagination do all the work! And that's how the world of DPAM began to unfold. 

At DPAM we develop our stores around a single idea: children and their clothes are one and the same… Du Pareil au Même! This concept allows us to create fun, creative and original clothing and accessories for children, in harmony with their lively, happy, optimistic world. 

Our purpose is children to have the chance to develop fully in their young lives by providing them innovative and practical clothing and by participating in their everyday activities at school and at play. These clothes allow them to express their freedom! 

These products, which meet the needs of children from 0 to 14 years of age, are offered to the consumer through more than 600 DPAM stores all over the world, which are unique for the colorful and friendly atmosphere they create.

9:30 – 20:00
First Floor
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