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Verde Caferesto

Verde Caferesto is the biggest café & restaurant within Nicosia Mall with capacity of more than 260 seats indoor and outdoor and is located in the centre of the outdoor plaza, in the north side of the mall, in the first floor.

Unlike what we are used to in malls, Verde Caferesto is the only location with a table service.

Here you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding city, tasting dishes and beverages from its rich menu.

The all-day menu of Verde will satisfy your needs as it includes among others breakfast, refreshing salads, Italian pasta, creative burgers, indulging desserts, fresh juices, smoothies and cocktails as well as choices of vegetarian dishes, but always in affordable prices.

Verse also includes a large and safe playground for all our little friends.

Whatever your needs. Verde Caferesto promises to surprise you both with its relaxing space and its delightful tastes.

8:30 – 23:00
First Floor
Verde front
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