United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton is an international brand that had been combining color and energy with Italian style since 1965. The pursuit of quality is in the very DNA of its knitwear, thanks to years of experience and the innovation that has characterized the brand growth, making it one of the most famous brands in the world. United Colors of Benetton stores in Cyprus, are managed by Sabbia Trading Ltd since 1991 and is currently operating 12 stores all over the country. 

The Company is now proud to announce the newest member of the fleet on the ground floor of Nicosia Mall. The store will offer a new “ON CANVAS” design concept, where the product is always the protagonist and consumers of all tastes can find products to satisfy their desires. 

Join United Colors of Benetton world and check out our Women’s, Men’s and Kids Collections.

9:30 – 20:00
Ground Floor
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