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This new six-screen cinema has been designed in such manner to accommodate its audience in an illustrious and luxurious environment which is fitted with the latest technologically advanced sound and vision equipment,rounded up by the total comfort of our reclining seating arrangement. 

Eventually the visitors enter the cinema screen of their choice,walk up the stairs and take their seats waiting for the “magic” to unfold.  On screen one this magic is complete since the Laser 4K picture with the ability of a 3D whenever is available, the revolutionary Dolby Atmos sound system with its side to side, front to back and roof to floor speakersrounded upwith interacting seats, will travel them to another dimension and entertainment level.

Here at Rio Premier Cinemas one can “live the picture” can “touch the sound” can “go inside the story”. Finally, the age of marvelous and the most impressive cinematic audiovisual achievement is now a reality.   

9:30 – 20:00
First Floor
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