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Famous Sports

The history of Famous Sports begins in 1986 when from Reebok Cyprus became the exclusive representative of Reebok in Cyprus, bringing the Cyprus community in contact with one of the bigger brands in the world. From 1992 until today, with a lot of onsite stores, the company became the representative of many more brands like Champion, Speedo, Body Talk, Asics and Quicksilver, always being connected in community’s consciousness with the active lifestyle. 

Today, counting totally 32 years in the market and 21 stores in Cyprus, Famous Sports is the most famous sports brand and the only one representing exclusively such leading sports companies. Moreover the last 5 years Famous Sports entered into the online market through its online shop A big variety of sports and casual clothing and shoes provide the most dynamic presence giving simultaneously a promise for further development in future.

9:30 – 20:00
First Floor
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