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The brand name “Crepaland” represents the chain of the most well-known crepe stores in Greece. In 2005 the development of the franchise was initiated. Since then,our primary goal is to continuously improve our products with natural ingredients for maximum satisfaction of the consumer. 

The production plant of the crepe mixture is certified with European standard ISO 22000. The best-certified vendors, well known in the food industry, supply all in store raw materials, used in the creation of our final product.

At the end 2010, the company, for the first time has launched its development outside Greece, with the agreement on concession of franchising rights (Franchise) to the company Th. Trachonitis Creperie Ltd, based in Nicosia of Cyprus. The confidence on the experience of Crepaland, in combination with the excellent collaboration between Crepaland and the Master Franchisee of Cyprus, has achieved the development of the chain in Cyprus with 7 stores.

8:30 – 23:00
First Floor
Crepaland front
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