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Coffee Berry

Coffee Berry embrace more than 15 years of expertise of a leading coffee company. A unique Coffee to Go Concept based on the third wave coffee philosophy and the contemporary consumers’ everyday needs. Ηere a simple habit has become a true pleasure through a unique journey of flavour and taste!

It comprises a differentiated proposition of superior quality coffee, based on Interactive Coffee Culture. Through their experience and expertise, the fully trained baristi will inspire you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee by introducing you to unique blends, each with a distinctive character and will inform you about the geographical origins, characteristics and brewing methods of the coffee of your choice! In a coffee station with simple and modern decoration, coffee is brewed in traditional ways, but also in the most progressive and contemporary methods that the industry has to show.

Offered for take away but also in the form of retail packs to take home with.

Coffee Berry, because coffee is an art!

8:30 – 23:00
First Floor
coffee berry front
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