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Caffe Nero

Caffé Nero count 20 years of presence. The founder Gerry Ford through his passion for coffee, had the vision to create traditional Italian cafes in Europe. Places to offer high-quality coffee and that are meeting points for each neighbourhood.

In Cyprus we brought (Phc Group/L. Ioannou) Caffé Nero, about 6 years ago. Today we have 12 cafes in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos and host every hour of the day people of all ages in the spacious and comfortable spaces. The location and the architecture of each Caffé Nero carefully selected to represent a special destination for a special experience.

At Caffé Nero in addition to our award-winning blend we have distinguished in Cyprus for our large stores, for our flagship sites, for the excellent atmosphere of our spaces and of course for the good customer service. In most of our stores one can enjoy fresh food made on-site in our kitchens.

8:30 – 23:00
First Floor
Caffe Nero front
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