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AXEL's great journey to fashion began in 1999 from Thessaloniki – Greece, as the starting point and the whole world as the ultimate destination.

Global trends in fashion and technology, continuous participation in the largest trade fairs and the glowing Mediterranean light are sources of inspiration for Axel’s original collections of clothing, footwear and accessories. Axel's creations address the modern, dynamic and multifaceted woman, without geographical limitations, expressing her personality through a special, feminine and confident style.

For Axel every woman is different, so it's unique.

Axel's extroversion is a business practice. With a steady international course and growth, Axel has gained an important place in the global retail and whole stature of women's clothing, footwear & accessories, creating a solid relationship of trust with the female audience.

With 20 mono-brand stores and hundreds of collaborators, Axel is the benchmark for any dynamic, stylish and charming woman around the world.

9:30 – 20:00
First Floor
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