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Alrifai Rifai or rifai nuts is a Lebanese multinational nut retailing company headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Alrifai International Holding Ltd.

It is the largest nut retailing chain in the Middle East and the company with the biggest market share in Lebanon.


We live, breathe and dream of nuts

Not every nut is an AL RIFAI Nut. We put our heart and soul in finding the best crops around the world and apply a know-how built over 70 years to bring you the tastiest and crunchiest snacks.


Best Crops

We search for exceptional plantations the world has to offer—we visit the most fertile regions where the sun, rain and humidity come together to grow the best nut produce.

New Recipes

Our chefs works tirelessly to research new flavours and tastes. We are committed to bringing every year new products and experiences in our stores.

Epicurean Mixes

Our blends of nuts and kernels created after years of insights from customers.

12:00 – 23:00
First Floor
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